Andrew Felluss, Select Discography
Representation: MusicNetwork #SRC, NABET Local 11 (CWA)

Alex Chappo Media Machine (LP) Drip Drop Records Andrew Felluss Producer, Engineer, Mixing
Angela Ammons John Compton Demos Angela Ammons Andrew Felluss Producer, Engineer
Anna Maria Jopek ID (LP) Emarcy Marcin Kydrynski Engineer
Anna Menken Demo Anna Menken Phil Ramone Engineer, Mixing
Barney McAll FlashBacks (LP) Scrootable Josh Roseman Engineer
Barney McAll Graft (LP) Extra Celestial Arts Barney McAll Mixing, Mastering
Barney McAll / TQX Global Intimacy (LP) Extra Celestial Arts Barney McAll Engineer, Mastering
Ben Monder Trio Live at 58 N6th Scrootable Josh Roseman Engineer
Benzino w/Scarface 44 Caliber Killer Elektra Made Men Engineer
Beyond The Sea Movie Soundtrack (LP) Rhino Phil Ramone Engineer
Brett Conti Chase Songs (LP) Brett Conti Andrew Felluss Producer, Engineer, Mixing
Brian Drye Bizingas NCM East Brian Drye Engineer
Carly Simon The Bedroom Tapes (LP) Arista Frank Filipetti, Carly Simon Engineer
Clay Aiken Merry Christmas With Love (LP) J Records Clive Davis, Phil Ramone Engineer
Coastal Drag Caught On The Wrist (EP) Doubling Cube Coastal Drag Engineer, Mixing
Dave Koz At The Movies (LP) Capitol Phil Ramone Engineer
Dick Higgins The Flaming City 1962 (DVD) Felluss Gallery Dick Higgins, Elias Felluss DVD Producer
DJ Clue The Professional Part 2 (LP) Def Jam Clue & Duro Engineer
DMX “Angel” Def Jam Irv Gotti Engineer
Donnie Osmond This is The Moment (PBS TV) PBS Phil Ramone, Rob Mathes Engineer
Electric Kompany Avant Pop (EP) Electric Kompany Kevin Gallagher Engineer
Elton John One Night Only (Live LP) Universal Phil Ramone Mix Assistant
Fabolous Various Desert Storm Clue & Duro Engineer
Faith Evans Faithfully (LP) Bad Boy Chucky Thompson Engineer
First Three Minutes TV Pilot Zak Walshon Run2Three Entertainment Mixing
Frank Lesser Flora Bush “All Alone in the USA” Frank Lesser Andrew Felluss Producer, Engineer, Mixing
Gabe Cummins If You Were You (LP) Gabe Cummins Gabe Cummins Mixing
Good Charlotte Live in Paris (EP) Sony Music Gary Ferenchak Mixing
Holus-Bolus Pine Barren Unsigned Josh Sinton Engineer, Mixing
Hugh Jackman Peter Allen Songs Universal Phil Ramone Engineer
Hurricane Kid Benefit Compilation Do Something Various, Andrew Felluss Producer, Project Coordinator
Iggy Pop Untitled Unreleased Anonymous Engineer
Jacob TV Shining City (DVD) “Grabit” Basta Records Kevin Gallagher Engineer
James Taylor One Man Band (DVD) Hear Music James Taylor, Dave O’Donnell Surround Mixing Consultant
James Taylor Hourglass (DVD) Columbia Frank Filipetti Mix Assistant
James Taylor and Randy Newman “Our Town” Cars – Movie Soundtrack Disney Various Engineer
Jeff Solomon Around The Square (EP) Jeff Solomon Andrew Felluss Producer, Engineer, Mixing
Jersey Boys EPK Rhino Bob Gaudio Engineer
Josh Roseman Constellations King Froopy Big Band Scrootable Labs Josh Roseman Engineer
Last Lemming Down Northern Migration (EP) Last Lemming Down Andrew Felluss Producer, Engineer, Mixing
Leon Lacey Prophecy 2007 (LP) Battery Studios Leon Lacey Engineer
Lesley Roy Acoustic Set Jive Lesley Roy Engineer
Less Than Normal Vibromonk Demos Less Than Normal Andrew Felluss Producer, Engineer
Liza Minnelli Minnelli on Minnelli (LP) Angel Phil Ramone Mix Assistant
Lola Johnson That’s For Sure (EP) Radian Records Andrew Felluss Producer, Engineer, Mixing
Madagascar 2 David Schwimmer VO Dreamworks Dreamworks Animation Engineer
Mariah Carey Heartbreaker Sony Music Clue & Duro Engineer
Mariah Carey Loverboy Part I Virgin DJ Clark Kent Engineer
Marwood Marwood Band (EP) Marwood Dave McNair Mixing
Mary J. Blige No More Drama (LP) MCA Various Engineer
Meatloaf Bat Out of Hell 5.1 (DVD) Sony Music Todd Rundgren, Frank Filipetti Mix Assistant
Michael Amante Tell Her I Love Her (LP) RCA Phil Ramone Engineer
Michael Brecker Nearness of You (LP) Verve Pat Metheny Mix Assistant
Normandy EP Normandy Vincent Dee Engineer
Nova Colombo Kaleidoscope (LP) Nova Columbo Frankie Didonato Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
Olivia Newton John Indigo: Women of Song (LP)Â Mushroom Phil Ramone Engineer, Mix Assistant
Pan Amsterdam feat. Leron Thomas Plus One Def Presse Pan Amsterdam, Leron Thomas Engineer
Pat Metheny Group Trio Live (LP) Warners Pat Metheny, David Oakes, Steve Rodby Engineer
Pat Metheny Group Trio 99-00 (LP) Warners Pat Metheny Assistant
Pat Metheny Group Speaking of Now (LP) Warners Lyle Mays, Pat Metheny, Steve Rodby Assistant, Engineer
Paul Simon Rhythm of the Saints 5.1 (DVD) PRI Paul Simon, Phil Ramone Mix Assistant
Paul Simon Graceland 5.1 (DVD) PRI Paul Simon, Phil Ramone Engineer, Mix Assistant
Pavarotti & Friends Live 1999, Live 2000 PRI Phil Ramone Mix Assistant
Peter Cincotti On The Moon (LP) Concord Phil Ramone Engineer
Phillys Most Wanted Suckas Atlantic The Neptunes Engineer
Princess Stories Gilbert Godfried VO Disney Various Engineer
Raheem DeVaughn Lay Awhile Jive Raheem Devaughn Engineer
Ray Charles Genius Loves Company (LP) Concord Phil Ramone, John Burk Engineer
Ray Charles Genius & Friends (LP) Rhino Various, Phil Ramone Engineer
Renee Fleming/Bryn Terfel Under The Stars (LP) Decca Phil Ramone Engineer
Rod Stewart It Had to Be You…The Great American Songbook (LP) J Records Clive Davis, Phil Ramone, Richard Perry Engineer
Ryuichi Sakamoto No More Landmine (LP) Warner Japan Ryuichi Sakamoto Engineer, Consultant, Mix Assistant
San Francisco Jazz Collective Octet Recording SFJAZZ Bill Winn, Josh Roseman Engineer
Skerik Free Sextet Scrootable Skerik, Josh Roseman Engineer
Songwriters Hall of Fame Bravo TV Awards Show Bravo Phil Ramone Engineer, Mixing
Sonia Montez Of Tears And Honey (EP) Radian Records Andrew Felluss Producer, Engineer, Mixing
Sting Brand New Day (LP) Interscope Sting, Kipper Assistant
The Boy From Oz Broadway Cast Album Decca Phil Ramone Engineer
The Clipse Grindin remix Startrak The Neptunes Engineer
The Hastings Shire Demos PRI Phil Ramone Engineer
The Last Show Honestly is a Word Used By Liars (EP) Hot Sizzle Records Andrew Felluss Producer, Engineer, Mixing
Viva! Rock n’ Roll Lover VivaMusic Viva DeConcini, Peter Apfelbaum Engineer, Mixing
Viva! Electric Cabaret (LP) VivaMusic Viva DeConcini, Peter Apfelbaum Engineer, Mixing
Ying Yang Twins Shake (Spanish) TVT Pitbull Engineer