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RedBird Studio Midtown: Recording Studio & Writing Room

Established in 2004, RedBird Studio is a recording studio & writing room in Midtown Manhattan. Founded by Radian Records and engineer-producer Andrew Felluss, the studio is situated in the top corner of the Music Building, the same space previously tenanted by Madonna. The studio’s acoustical design and buildout was completed by MusicNetwork Proshop.

We have worked in many styles & genres with clients at RedBird Studio, including Victory Boyd, Pat Metheny Group, Lola Johnson, Iggy Pop, Futurist, Leron Thomas, Zozo Afrobeat, Sony Music, Atlantic Records, Universal Records, Samsung, Kia Motors, LG & more.

For music technology, we use Pro Tools 12 within a proprietary analog-digital hybrid system. Please contact us to discuss your setup and software needs. The house default format is:
44.1kHz / 24bit / Broadcast Wave / 30 NDF

Standard Rates
Session Rate w/Engineering Personnel = $85/hour
Room/Writing Rate = $50/hour
3 Hour Minimum Booking

RedBird Studio control room - Photo: Max Di Biaggio

RedBird Studio control room – Photo: Max Di Biaggio

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MOBILE – Pan Amsterdam x Iggy Pop

Mobile / 15 Seconds

From recent sessions @ RedBird Studio:
Limited blue 7″ vinyl press of Pan Am‘s record with Iggy Pop @ Bandcamp

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A&R Development in The Rock And Roll Apocalypse

Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Welcome to the Rock And Roll Apocalypse. Indie is Mainstream, and the demo is dead.  Artist development? “We don’t need a producer”…DIY (or DIfY) all the way! But it’s: where to record? and where to mix? and what’s mastering? and what’s publishing? and what’s a di? and do you have that multitrack we recorded 5 years ago? and do you know a rehearsal room open today in midtown? and where can I rent a guitar? why does the rough mix not sound loud like the radio? do you guys know what you’re doing at this studio? and what’s a lead sheet?

Luckily, hospitals aren’t run by interns (or doctors!)…  But in the “Indie-Stry”, it’s fine for recording sessions to be coaching sessions for aspiring producers, you know in case the whole headline fame thing doesn’t work out.  I talked with one colleague recently who was fired by the drummer on the next project, after dude had asked him a zillion questions along the way.  Didn’t we engineer-producer types get the memo? “We don’t need a producer.” “Does this studio offer classes so I can record at home?”

So who is the Producer? Who is the Client? Artist? Engineer? Those were practical questions asked in the heyday when booking at studios. So what does it look like in Demoland?
Client: You mean, who’s paying for the session?
Artist: Yep, that’s me
Producer: Umm.. Me .. Well this guy did the track, but ya know he won’t be at the vocal session. So I’ll just work it out with the engineer.
Engineer: Well, you guys have one right?
#Studiolife #ProducerLife

A popular referral site for music production services (Studios, Songwriters, Musicians, etc..) has no category for “Recording Engineer”. Yet, there is a checkbox for ‘Fix-it-Mix-it-Make-it-hot-guy’.  If it’s “you guys have one” and “we don’t need a producer”, why does it need fixing?

The Rock And Roll Apocalypse begins with the end of the Indie Era. The demo is not really dead, it’s just hiding on a harddrive somewhere.  There used to be budgets for Artist Development, now artists are expected to deliver finished product to market to prove “viability”.  And how to get there? “You guys have one right?”

Andrew Felluss is an engineer-producer based in New York City, and also instructor at MRS Music Recording School, a free workshop training program for New York City residents.

Manny’s Music Rocks
Artist X, 2018 Stone Sculpture
Series Zone-8, Felluss Gallery NYC

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King Froopy Big Band – Tungsten Mothra

Recorded/Mixed Live @ 58N6 aka Loove Labs March 6th, 2009

Avant-pep band jam by Josh Roseman

Trumpets: Jonathan Finlayson, Kirk Knuffke, Ambrose Akinmusire, Taylor Haskins
Saxes: Logan Richardson, Andrew D’Angelo, Tony Barba, Kenny Brooks, Jay Rodriguez
Bones: Josh Roseman, Jacob Garchik, Ryan Snow, Brian Drye
Rhythm: Barney McAll, Nir Felder, Matt Pavolka, Ted Poor, Peter Apfelbaum

Engineering: Andrew Felluss

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Ben Monder – “Excavation” Live at 58N6

Ben Monder – Excavation live at 58N6 from Loove Labs on Vimeo.

Live Recording/Mixing Engineer: Andrew Felluss

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Holus Bolus “Dizknee Justice Abounds”

“Dizknee Justice Abounds” by Holus Bolus
from: Pine Barren (LP)

Detailed essays by Sinton about the creation of this record can be found here:
released September 1, 2011

Josh Sinton – baritone saxophone, bass clarinet, compositions
Jon Irabagon – tenor & sopranino saxophones
Jonathan Goldberger – electric guitar
Peter Bitenc – bass
Mike Pride – drums and vibraphone

all songs by Josh Sinton, Sinzheimer Muzik, 2009

recorded in September of 2009 at 58NorthSix Media Labs, Brooklyn, NY

Engineer – Andrew Felluss
Mixed by Andrew Felluss and Josh Sinton at RedBird Studio, Manhattan
Masterd by Randy Merrill at Masterdisk

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Quartascope “Jolly Roger” on Radian Records Blueprint

Quartascoperecordingatredbirdstudionyc300‘Radian Records is pleased to release Quartascope’s first debut single “Jolly Roger” under the Radian Records Blueprint imprint. Asked what the single is about, Quartascope describes it as a song about “brave defeat”. “Jolly Roger” is the first single produced under Radian Records Blueprint, a division of Radian Records dedicated to providing a platform for emerging artists to further their artistic development through a collaborative music making process.’ – Radian Records Blog


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Julia Klot single “Truth Or Dare”

Written & Performed by Julia Klot
Arranged by Julia Klot & The Now Band
Produced by Radian Records
Recorded at Quad Lakeside
Basic track conducted by Supaconductor Lola Johnson

complimentary download powered by Bandcamp

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Cuban Embargo Hit – Track The President

OBAMA: “Good afternoon. Today, the United States of America is changing its relationship with the people of Cuba and the most significant changes in our policy in more than 50 years. We will end an outdated approach that for decades has failed to advance our interests. And instead we will begin to normalize relations between our two countries. Through these changes, we intend to create more opportunities for the American and Cuban people and begin a new chapter among the nations of the Americas.”


It was an honor to work with Nils, George, Dom and the highly proficient crew as A1 for NBC/MSNBC Network on this simulcast breaking news historic hit. Andrea tossed, Brian Williams and her tagged, followed by an hour-long commentary without commercials…



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Joy Reid Presents Spike Lee on ‘The 10 Year Cycle’

A1 Mixer

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