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RedBird Studio Midtown: Recording Studio & Writing Room

Andrew’s homebase is RedBird Studio, a recording studio & writing room in The Music Building, Times Square, New York City. In 2009, Andrew set out to convert a raw space where Madonna had previously lived and made music into a floated-floor, acoustically-treated recording facility called RedBird Studio. We have hosted a variety of clientele including HBO, Cinemax, LG, Kia Motors, Pat Metheny Group, Raheem DeVaughn – Email:  | Phone: +1.212.727.8055

RedBird Studio control room - Photo: Max Di Biaggio

RedBird Studio control room – Photo: Max Di Biaggio

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Ben Monder – “Excavation” Live at 58N6

Ben Monder – Excavation live at 58N6 from Loove Labs on Vimeo.

Live Recording/Mixing Engineer: Andrew Felluss

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Holus Bolus “Dizknee Justice Abounds”

“Dizknee Justice Abounds” by Holus Bolus
from: Pine Barren (LP)

Detailed essays by Sinton about the creation of this record can be found here:
released September 1, 2011

Josh Sinton – baritone saxophone, bass clarinet, compositions
Jon Irabagon – tenor & sopranino saxophones
Jonathan Goldberger – electric guitar
Peter Bitenc – bass
Mike Pride – drums and vibraphone

all songs by Josh Sinton, Sinzheimer Muzik, 2009

recorded in September of 2009 at 58NorthSix Media Labs, Brooklyn, NY

Engineer – Andrew Felluss
Mixed by Andrew Felluss and Josh Sinton at RedBird Studio, Manhattan
Masterd by Randy Merrill at Masterdisk

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Quartascope “Jolly Roger” on Radian Records Blueprint

Quartascoperecordingatredbirdstudionyc300‘Radian Records is pleased to release Quartascope’s first debut single “Jolly Roger” under the Radian Records Blueprint imprint. Asked what the single is about, Quartascope describes it as a song about “brave defeat”. “Jolly Roger” is the first single produced under Radian Records Blueprint, a division of Radian Records dedicated to providing a platform for emerging artists to further their artistic development through a collaborative music making process.’ – Radian Records Blog


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Julia Klot single “Truth Or Dare”

Written & Performed by Julia Klot
Arranged by Julia Klot & The Now Band
Produced by Radian Records
Recorded at Quad Lakeside
Basic track conducted by Supaconductor Lola Johnson

complimentary download powered by Bandcamp

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Cuban Embargo Hit – Track The President

OBAMA: “Good afternoon. Today, the United States of America is changing its relationship with the people of Cuba and the most significant changes in our policy in more than 50 years. We will end an outdated approach that for decades has failed to advance our interests. And instead we will begin to normalize relations between our two countries. Through these changes, we intend to create more opportunities for the American and Cuban people and begin a new chapter among the nations of the Americas.”


It was an honor to work with Nils, George, Dom and the highly proficient crew as A1 for NBC/MSNBC Network on this simulcast breaking news historic hit. Andrea tossed, Brian Williams and her tagged, followed by an hour-long commentary without commercials…



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Joy Reid Presents Spike Lee on ‘The 10 Year Cycle’

A1 Mixer

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A1 Mixer, MSNBC

Below is some recent audio mix work I’ve been doing for MSNBC (NABET). Most of it is live, or quickly taped with the very proficient crew at the 30 Rock studios. Shows that I’ve been covering include: Daily Rundown, Jose Diaz Balart, Newsnation, Andrea Mitchell Reports, Ronan Farrow, Reid Report, The Cycle, Now with Alex Wagner, The Ed Show, Politics Nation with Al Sharpton, All In with Chris Hayes, Rachel Maddow Show, Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell, Up with Steve Kornacki and Melissa Harris Perry.

Rachel Maddow 12/11/2014, House Spending Bill Controversy:

Hardball 12/3/2014, Eric Garner, No Indictment:

Ronan Farrow 12/5/2014 Janice Dickinson Interview:

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Andrew 'Drew' Felluss working at RedBird StudioAndrew Felluss is a sound engineer, music producer, and media professional based in New York City. Born and raised in Washington, DC, Andrew was inspired at a young age by the power of music to unite people, and sought after a career making it. While focused on music production, Andrew’s professional trajectory crosses television, film, radio, politics, human-rights and other disciplines. Towards unification of activity and purpose, Andrew has founded as a crossmedia solution.

While beginning musical studies on guitar, Andrew has focused most of his craftwork on live recording, arranging and record production, and apprenticing with legendary producers & engineers including Phil Ramone, Frank Filipetti, Arif Mardin, Dave O’Donnell, Eric Schilling, Rob Eaton and Lou Gonzales. Andrew studied Sound Engineering at Columbia College Chicago, and is a firm proponent of the “learn by doing” approach.

11193404_10205014698820470_2946294703926813789_nThrough his diligent work at recording studios including Quad Recording, Ocean Way (Hollywood), Baby Monster, and Right Track Recording, Andrew has earned his reputation as a trusted ear in town, engineering work for Ray Charles, Carly Simon, Jay-Z, Rod Stewart and others. While his institutional style can be more renegade than accommodating, this has proven effective in high-pressure situations where analysis is preferably avoided. Andrew mixed the first live broadcast from London out of New York for Bloomberg TV, as well as dozens of breaking news events for MSNBC as an A1.

In 2005, Andrew setup his recording gear in a small Times Square office, to create an affordable studio for client bookings and record production. Now at its third Midtown location, RedBird Studio is a 24-7 recording studio operation with a capacity for ensemble recording, mixing & mastering, while still affordable to independent musicians. Andrew worked with artist Lola Johnson to build Radian Records, an independent label and music production company founded in 2007. Radian Records has produced & released albums for Lola Johnson, Sonia Montez, Chelsea Wolf and Julia Klot, And The Revellers Fell, Quartascope, and produced commercial recordings for LG, Samsung, Kia, Baskin-Robbins, among others.

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