Midtown Homebase: RedBird Studio

Andrew can often be found milling the tides at RedBird Studio, a production and writing room in The Music Building that also serves as the base of operation for Radian Records..


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Andrew 'Drew' Felluss working at RedBird Studio Andrew Felluss is a Producer Engineer who brings both musical sensibility and audio expertise to every project.  With over 12 years music recording experience, Andrew has engineered projects for Ray Charles, James Taylor, Rod Stewart, Carly Simon among others. Andrew began his studio career at New York City’s Quad Recording in the mid nineties.  With brief stints at Ocean Way and Baby Monster, Andrew engineered for Right Track Recording from 1998-2002, apprenticing with some of the top producers and mixers in the business including Frank Filipetti, Phil Ramone, Arif Mardin, Duro, Michael O’Reilly, Joel Moss, Eric Schilling, Dave O’Donnell, Joe Ferla, James Farber, and Rob Eaton. Building upon his years of engineering expertise and recording clients, Andrew established his own studio facility in Times Square in 2004.  It was there that he began to expand his role as a producer, and eventually founded the music production company Radian Records in 2006.  Redbird Studio, located in the Music Building in Times Square, serves as Andrew’s base of operations. Andrew is recognized as a trusted ear in town, sought to oversee the most challenging sessions.  As a producer, he favors an organic approach to music-making, focusing on songwriting, arrangement and live performance.  In the engineering realm Andrew is comfortable in any studio with decent monitoring and a coffee maker. For bookings, please contact music@radianrecords.com.

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